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Truck Bed Liner

Your truck is a part of your identity, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Some use it for hauling tools from job site to job site. Some use their trucks for recreational uses like hauling camping and fishing gear. It doesn’t matter how you use your vehicle; you need to be sure that it’s protected. Your truck is an investment. Protect your investment with a quality truck bed liner!

Auto FX is the leader in truck bed liner services and truck accessories in Tacoma, WA! We can outfit your truck’s bed with a protective Bed Liner coating to keep it looking new for years to come. Pickup truck bed liners are one of the most necessary and sought-after accessories for trucks. The Auto FX Bed Liner spray gives your vehicle that clean, yet rugged look. Call one of our professional truck experts today and ask them to set you up with an appointment to get a brand new truck bed liner!

Quality Truck Bed Liner

When it comes to protecting the bed of your truck, Auto FX supplies its customers with only the very best in quality and efficiency. No matter what you use your truck for in the Pacific Northwest, a quality bed liner from Auto FX can protect your investment. It works great for hauling things like tack for horses, tools, gear from construction jobs, and lumber. Do you go off-road with your truck? Auto FX Bed Liners protects your truck’s bed even when driving through tougher terrain and keeps its fresh look intact.

Why should you choose Auto FX Bed Liners? It’s a product that has been battle-tested in the highest temperatures and the harshest conditions. This material gets tested on vehicles that race in the Baja 1000, a prestigious race in harsh conditions, and the harsh cold of the Denali wilderness of Alaska. They do these tests to prove the product’s durability and how it can prevent most dings and dents. Auto FX Bed Liners spray can help keep your ride quieter, all while keeping it protected from chemicals, rust, and other corrosive components.

Call us today and schedule an appointment at (253) 471-7736 or send us a message!

Auto FX - Truck Bed Liner Process

The process of applying your new truck liner is simple. After setting up an appointment with one of our truck experts, we start the spray-on process. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Masking: We mask your entire truck as if it is going to get painted. We do this to protect your truck from any possible overspray that might happen in the process.
  2. Cleaning: Our experts go over every inch of the spray area to make sure your truck is thoroughly cleaned and scuffed to guarantee a stronger bond.
  3. Application Spray: At this point, one of our trained professionals spray the liner on your truck precisely and efficiently. It typically dries very quickly.

After the liner gets sprayed and the process is completed, which should only take a couple of hours, you are free to bring your truck home. We recommend about 24-48 hours of cure time before truly exposing the bed to all of the elements. All Bullet Liner sprays come with a lifetime warranty that guarantees your truck bed will be protected. If your liner flakes, bubbles or cracks, the warranty will cover it for as long as you own the vehicle.


Call the truck experts at Auto FX in Tacoma for your truck bed liner needs at (253) 471-7736 or send us a message! One of our friendly staff members will assist in getting you set up with an appointment. Since 1995, Auto FX has been providing the Tacoma area with quality car and truck customization and accessories.

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