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Window Tint

Enhance the appearance of your car or truck and protect the interior with the addition of SunTek window films. Our trained technicians at Auto FX take the time to do your window tinting the right way.  We offer both standard Carbon Series film and CIR Ceramic Series films.

Over 50 Years of Window Tint Application in the Pacific Northwest

Auto FX is your one-stop shop for all your auto accessories and customization, as well as car electronics in Tacoma, WA. We have everything under one roof to make your experience much more manageable than anywhere else. Give us a call today and ask one of our experts how we can set you up with an appointment for window tinting!

Tacoma’s Premier Tint Shop

Hand-cut with precision & filed down for the perfect fit. With decades of tint experience we know what it takes to get your tint fitted right – any vehicle any make!

Block out harmful UV Rays + Heat & protect your skin & interior today! Auto FX has been performing high-quality window film installation services since 1995. Our expertly trained technicians take their time to perfect your windows. They make sure all edges get filed so that there is no “light gap” that appears. It is one of the many reasons many of our customers come back time and time again for our quality craft. Call us today and schedule an appointment at (253) 471-7736 or send us a message!

Benefits of Window Tint

When you get your car or truck’s windows tinted, it’s much more than just for the aesthetics. Tinted windows have many beneficial aspects. Take a look at just some of the great benefits tinted windows can bring:

  • Eye and Skin Protection: Tinted windows help restrict harmful UV rays that come through your vehicle’s windows. It can help protect you and your passenger’s eyes and skin from the damage that these rays can bring.
  • Interior Protection: Not only does the sun damage your eyes and skin, but it can also wreak havoc on your vehicle’s interior. The constant exposure from the sun can make your interior fade in color and crack. If you have a leather interior, it might be time to look into getting tinted windows to help protect it. Don’t let your seats break from overexposure, tint your windows today!
  • Added Security and Privacy: In most cases, window film from tinting can help hold glass together in the event of a break-in. It makes valuables more challenging to see. If you are someone who desires more privacy when you drive, window tints can help with that.
  • Aesthetics: Window tinting is famous for the clean, finished look it gives any car or truck. As mentioned, they also help cut down on glare from sunlight.

Call one of our window tint experts today and ask what our SunTek window films can do for your vehicle!


Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for window tinting at (253) 471-7736 or send us a message!

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